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Plans & Pricing

Free Private Chat


Per Seat Per Month

The perfect plan to privately chat with your friends, family, or small club!

  • Unlimited Chat & Discussions

  • Document and Picture Sharing

  • 30 Day Message History

Organized Groups & Small Teams


Per Seat Per Month when Billed Annually

The ultimate private communication experience

  • Unlimited Chat & Discussions

  • 2 GB File Upload Limit

  • No Message History Limit

  • Video Calls for Up to 25 People

  • 2 Active Calls per Squad

  • Ability to Set & Assign Tasks/Reminders

  • Convenient Search Features

  • Scheduled Video Calls

  • Scheduled Messages

  • Guest Users

  • Advanced Web-Based Administration Controls

  • Discoverable and Gated Discussions and Chat Rooms

  • What is Squadpod?
    With SquadPod®, communication has never been easier. Create private organized discussions with your teams from wherever, so you can work from home, the office, and on the go! Communicating does not need to be internal when you can invite your customers to join the Squad. So, at the end of the day, your customers get exactly what they want. Teams work better when everyone is in the know.
  • Can people find me or my group if I use Squadpod?
    No. Squadpod is non-discoverable. Meaning other people using the platform can not search for you or any Squad you a part of.
  • What do you mean by private?
    We do not mine, track, store, or sell user data. All your data is kept private and never sold to third parties.
  • Who can join my Squad?
    Others can only join your Squad if they have been invited by the admin(s). Admins can send a direct email or SMS invitations. They can also create QR codes and URL link invites that can be placed anywhere on the internet or in real life.
  • Is Squadpod encrypted?
    The data in Squadpod is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our platform is not end-to-end encrypted and that is by design. Our platform is built for growing teams, groups, etc., and as you invite more people to your Squad it’s critical for those new members to access older information such as discussions and chat threads. End-to-end encryption does not allow for this.
  • How many Squads can I create?
    You can create an unlimited number of Squads. Any mix of free or paid Squads.
  • How much does Squadpod cost?
    Squadpod has two different plans. We offer a free chat-focused plan and a paid version that includes all our features. The paid plan is paid per seat monthly or annually.
  • Does Squadpod have an app?
    Yes, Squadpod is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Squadpod is also supported on any web browser. You can access the web here

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