Team Collaboration and Communication

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Invite only platform designed for you and your team's eyes only.
100% Control

Safe & Secure. 

  • Zero Third-Party Influence

  • Non-Searchable Accounts

  • Admin Roles & Permissions

  • Developed & Owned in the USA

  • Encrypted


Your Data is YOURS.

  • No Collecting & Selling Data

  • No Censorship

  • No Profiling

  • No Data mining

  • No Contact List Selling


Eliminate Multiple Apps.

  • Powerful Web Application

  • Full Mobile Capabilities

  • Suite of Features in One

  • Share & Find Information Easily

  • Reduce Communication Silos


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Create unique groups within your Squad or send messages to individual users.

  • Delete and edit messages

  • Share files

  • Tag users with @mentions

  • Read receipts



New Look Video BLK.png

Engage with your Squad with 1-on-1 or group video calls from wherever you are.

  • High-quality video stream

  • Admin mute user controls

  • Up to 25 participants on a single call


New Look Discussios blk.png

Create a perfectly organized discussion (Pod) to discuss plans, share ideas, and collaborate in the Squad.

  • Likes, comments, & replies

  • Categories & pins

  • Multiple file types

  • Multiple notification levels

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